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A Well Deserved Review of a Necessity. — April 6, 2017

A Well Deserved Review of a Necessity.

It has been an outrageously long time since I have been able to post. Ducky got sick for several weeks, graciously passing it on to me for another several weeks. Meanwhile, Amor escaped the weeks unscathed. How fortunate…

Anyway, it is time for me to write a review about a product that most people don’t think too much about after the initial purchase, or take advantage of to say the very least. The infant car seat.

We strap our babies into this contraption on a daily basis. When I was pregnant with Ducky, I did extensive research about safety standards and which brands went above and beyond what the DOT requires, which one would provide the most comfort for my little baby, which one would be comfortable for me to tote around. So much planning went into this one simple purchase.

I decided on the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35. I was incredibly lucky and got the travel system from Buy Buy Baby.

Image result for graco snugride click connect 35 green


This was fantastic. It was lightweight, the handle didn’t cut into my arm. The fact that we were able to purchase multiple bases and switch between cars made it even better. It was so easy for my mom to pick up Ducky whenever she wanted and just click her into her own base instead of transferring everything.

And then what all parents pray will never happen, happened. It was early one wet December evening and I was driving home with Ducky in the backseat. All of a sudden red taillights popped on right in front of me. I slammed on my brakes but to no avail. Sliding on black ice, I rear ended the vehicle in front of me. By the time I got over the initial shock, BAM. I was rear ended from behind. Ducky was crying in the back and I feared the worst. While on the phone with 911, I jumped out and checked on my little girl. There she was, terrified, but completely fine. She had no bruises, no red marks. Nothing. That carseat held her as tight as if she were at home cuddling in my arms and made sure she was not hurt.

Two weeks later, insurance had still not gotten back to me about getting a new car seat. I was taking my car to the shop so my mom got Ducky from daycare. And again, the feared happened. My mom was t-boned at a red light, just behind where Ducky’s door was. And again, snug as a bug in a rug. She had no visible signs of bruising or redness. She didn’t show any soreness. Nothing.


This car seat protected my daughter through 3 accidents in a span of 2 weeks. Thank heavens. And that is why I will always spend a little extra to get Graco.

We have now moved on to one of the Graco convertible car seats and I am just as in love with this one.

Thank you, Graco.

The Hazards of Being a Mom — January 24, 2017

The Hazards of Being a Mom

Being a mom is all rainbows and unicorns right?? There’s never a dull, frustrating, sometimes almost infuriating moment? 

All I can say is I wish. I wish that my days never had tears or moments of weakness. I wish that I never got frustrated when all Ducky wants to do is be held. I wish that work wouldn’t take so much time that it’s hard to enjoy the little moments because I’m always thinking about all the other things I could be doing… the dishes, picking up toys, dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, putting laundry away, and so so so much more. 

I wish I had time to spend with Amor. To just lay and watch movies like we used to. I wish I wouldn’t get frustrated with him and pick fights over such minuscule things because I’m so annoyed with everything else in my life. I wish we had more time for date nights, to talk about our day, or to cook together again.

Most of all, I wish that I could go an entire 24 hours without feeling like I’m losing my sanity. 

That’s a lot of wishes right? How do I get through each day with all of these things weighing in my mind? 

I feel Ducky’s smile melt my heart. I hear her laugh and my heart dances. I watch the way Amor lights up when Ducky says “Dada” and the way her laugh makes him laugh even more. Seeing the two of them together makes me fall in love with him more and more. 

My top 10 Hazards of Being a Mom are:

1. Intense Exhaustion 

2. Feelings of being overwhelmed 

3. Never having a completely clean shirt again

4. Lots of worry 

5. Feeling like you’re not doing a good job

6. Feeling like you’re constantly being judged

7. Finding a love that’s all consuming, always growing

8. Having that love enrich every other aspect of your life, including love that you already had for other people

9. Finding joy and happiness in the smallest of things

10. Finding out that you are way stronger than you ever thought 

See, they aren’t all bad. The important thing that I’ve learned is that: there will be bad days sometimes more often then good days. But every second of the good day will completely wash way all the horrible feelings from when you thought you just weren’t enough. So grab a life jacket, hang in tight. I have a feeling the motherhood is all about riding the waves 

Happy tears or sad tears? The Joys of Motherhood — January 18, 2017

Happy tears or sad tears? The Joys of Motherhood

Well… Ducky now has 4 teeth and I held out without shedding any tears (unless the ones shed during the inconsolable moments of teething). She has started rolling over and my eyes only watered a little. 

But last night? Last night, a few tears actually managed to escape. Last night, as I came in from loading a few things in the car, Amor came running out of the bedroom and ecstatically telling me to come there. You could feel his excitement filling the space. My 6 month old, super curious, sponge of a daughter had said her first word. 

Apparently, as Amor was in the closet, Ducky was lying on the bed playing with one of her favorite sensory blankets. She was giggling and he was responding to her with his own strange sounds. She rolled up onto her side and said clear as day “Dada”.

The pure, unadulterated pride and excitement in Amor’s face trumps anything that I have seen since the day she was born. I’m so glad that she chose his name as her first word and the happy tears leaked out. I’m so happy she’s growing up so strong and healthy. But I’m not going to lie, a few teensy tiny nearly invisible sad tears leaked out because never in my life would I have imagined my 6 month old saying her first word this young. 

Calling all Mothers Who Just Don’t Know Some Days — January 9, 2017

Calling all Mothers Who Just Don’t Know Some Days

This is a letter to all the new moms out there, all the moms who may not be quite new anymore but were once there…

Do you ever feel like a bad mom for wanting time to yourself?

Do you ever find yourself missing the times that you had to yourself before the baby?

Or even just missing the times that you had to just you and your significant other?

Most of all, do you ever flip between looking at your baby (or babies) and feeling your heart about to burst with how much they fulfill your life and then literally within the next day or so feeling like you’re missing something or that you want something else in your life too? And then feeling almost smothered in guilt that you even feel this way?

I’ve been going through that a lot lately. I love my daughter (we’ll call her Ducky) more than I ever thought I could love someone. She can make me smile when I am having the worst day. I am not a morning person and yet I love waking up to her smile. She has stolen my heart in a way that only a child can.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a ton of time to adjust to the being a mommy card. Or because I had her just a short 6 months after I graduated college. There were a lot of new things in my life and maybe I’m just coming down from the high of it all.

I feel as though my children (Ducky and any future ones I may have) will fulfill my life in a way that nothing else can. But I just don’t think that I can have the fulfill my entire life.

Right now, I just feel as though my life is a giant tug of war.

I don’t want to leave my daughter every morning when I take her to daycare and yet I love the job that I do.

I want to spend my day with my daughter, watching her learn and grow, teaching her things, and making sure that she is having healthy choices given to her and yet I want to have a career. I want to do something for me, to show Ducky that she can also do anything she wants.

I believe that women shouldn’t have to stay at home and take care of the house, the kids, and the man. That women should be able to have a career, something that they can put their own name to. But this is an incredibly difficult balance to have. I work all day, come home and organize the bills and other paperwork, make sure that my family has healthy options to eat. I’m so incredibly blessed because my boyfriend (we’ll call him Amor), helps as much as he possibly can after he gets home from long hours doing masonry. Many women don’t have that.

I’ve decided that this is just a challenge that I need to work and overcome. I’ve started looking into some plans that will allow me to have the best of both worlds. I’m starting to feel even more excited about my future, our future as a family.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Have you ever felt this way? What have you done to pull yourself out of the slump? Got any other suggestions?

Learning through Living and my 3 Cliché New Year’s Resolutions — January 2, 2017

Learning through Living and my 3 Cliché New Year’s Resolutions

Hello all!

I’m new to the blogging world, to the world of adulthood, and to being a mommy. I guess I”m new to a lot of things in general but that’s why I’m learning through living.

I’m here to start out my blog with my three resolutions for 2017. This blog is going to be all about my experiences as I go through life. I plan on sharing what works for us and what hasn’t worked for us. Who knows? It might be the opposite for you. Either way, we’ll learn together.

So on to my New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. I want to get into a clean eating lifestyle. So I resolve to make 3 clean eating meals a week.
  2. I want to take better care of myself in general. This involves working out more, taking better care of my skin. My general goal for working out is 3 times a week to start.
  3. Set up a schedule to stay on top of a clean house.

These may seem like very basic resolutions but I’m tired of setting such extreme ones that I end up failing by February. I can slowly add to these once I’ve become successful at them and they’ve become official habits.

I’m going to be trying the Insanity work out videos on top of going to the gym. My amazing boyfriend has got me started with this fantastic smelling pineapple enzyme face wipes. Be looking for my review on my successes (or failures) with these items in the next month.

I hope you’ll continue to join me through my experiences with these New Year’s Resolutions as well as all the adventures I encounter with a 5 month old daughter, a puppy, and working full-time.